See Inside David Hasselhoff’s $3.6M L.A. Mansion, Now Listed With His Realtor Daughter, Tay!

Tay Hasselhoff — David Hasselhoff’s oldest daughter — has dabbled in everything from singing to philanthropy to reality TV. Now, the 29 year old has decided to hone in on one main passion: real estate.

The former Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star appears on the new CNBC Prime show Listing Impossible, which premieres Wednesday, January 15.

The eight-episode series follows power broker Aaron Kirman and his team as they try to fix up and sell multimillion-dollar properties for a roster of uber-wealthy clients. The twist: Kirman specializes in selling homes that have sat on the market for years because they’re so highly customized to the current owners, they can’t readily find a new one.

In the exclusive clip from the premiere, above, Tay tries to help her Baywatch star dad sell his $3.6 million L.A. mansion. The up-and-coming realtor, who notes she’s previously only used her first name professionally, struggles with whether or not she should start using her famous last name to her advantage.

“Growing up, I’ve always been known as the girl that had the celebrity dad, so that’s kind of why in real estate I’ve kind of shied away from using my full name,” she says.

Her boss, Kirman, however, tells her that he thinks she should start using her name, and her connections, to her advantage, saying, “If when I started I had a last name that was known, I would have used it all day long.”

As she grapples with her choice, Tay finds out what her dad is looking for in a new home, and determines her best method for selling his old one. “I’m really excited because my dad is actually going to be one of my clients,” she says. In addition to Tay, David also shares daughter Hayley, 27, with ex-wife Pamela Bach.

I’m just looking for something a little bit bigger,” David tells Tay upon her arrival, adding that he’s looking for something specific in a new house: “a massive driveway.”


His current place is a five-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion “doctored up with a bunch of Hasselhoff stuff,” as David tells his daughter, from gold and platinum records to a movie theater decorated with director’s chairs and Baywatch pinball machines.
“What I’m looking for in a home is something a little bit grander, with a driveway,” David tells his daughter. “So when you drive up you go, ‘Wow, that’s David Hasselhoff’s house.’ It’s part of your soul, that driveway, it’s kind of like the aura of someone who’s made it in this business. Because I have, I’ve spent a long time in this business.”

“My dad is very straightforward about what he doesn’t like, and about what he does like,” Tay says with a smile, “so it’ll be very easy for us to get this process going.”
David then makes it clear to Tay that he too thinks that she should start capitalizing on her last name, saying, “Real estate is like Hollywood, it’s who you know. Use Hollywood, use me.”

“So, you know, I’ve always kind of avoided using my last name because I like to do things on my own, but I’ve realized that with real estate you kind of have to use what you got,” Tay then admits, agreeing to let her dad host a party with his connections at his for-sale house — while letting guests know that it’s on the market.

Tay and her dad are now on great terms, but have suffered their fair share of ups and downs. In 2007, Tay — who then went by Taylor-Ann — took a now-infamous video of David struggling to eat a cheeseburger while visibly drunk. The video leaked and he became sober shortly after, and is sober to this day.

Will Tay be able to sell her dad’s super Hasselhoff-ed house and find him the driveway of his dreams? You’ll have to tune in to find out.